Do you understand the jargon surrounding Brexit?

I thought that I’d do something different this week and give you a glossary of terms surrounding Brexit. I know not the most interesting thing but Ive been asked so many times how Brexit is going to impact businesses and how we can put measures in place from now, it made me think, how many of us really know the terms we here on the news.
So here goes… it’s not an exhaustive list, just 9 of the most talked about terminology, that if you don’t know, you k now now:

Article 50
Section of the Treaty on European Union that sets out how a country leaves the EU. The 2 year negotiation began on 29th March 2017, after which the UK will ease to be a member.

European Commission
Brussel based administrative arm of the EU. The commission is led by officials from the different member states with a different area of policy responsibility.

European Council
Collective term for the heads of state and government of the member states.

European Court of Justice
Court that settles questions over the implementation of EU Law.

World Trade Organisation
Body which overseas international trade and records the tariffs that countries impose on imports.

Single Market
Area in which labour, capital,goods and services can move freely.

European Economic Area
Countries have to be in this to be a member of the single market.

European Free Trade Association
Loose trade block comprising Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, none of which are members of the EU.

Customs union
Effectively puts a wall around the EU, with goods subject to common external tariffs on entry, but able to move freely inside.

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