The importance of employee engagement

According to ACAS, employee engagement describes the attitudes and behaviour of someone at work. When an employee is engaged, they usually take pride in their work, believe in the values in the vision of the business and go that extra mile in the way they carry out their duties.

Disengaged employees are ummotivated, fail to connect to the business strategy,

You need to understand your workforce and understand what makes them tick. The boomers, Gen X and the millennials view work differently.

To be a good manager that engages their workforce, you have to adapt the work to meet their needs. They need to be empowered and understand their role within the business and their contribution. Once people are clear about their role and how they contribute this is how they become engaged in the workforce

Best managers

Want more for their people than they want for themselves. They must see what they can be not want they are today.

They are predictable in their behaviour, they know what o expect day in adn day out. When your behaviour becomes predictable, they will remain committed, loyal and engaged

Get more interested in your staff

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