Terms of Engagement

1.    Terms

These Terms indicate the basic rate at which we are able to provide our mediator services.

Our pricing structure varies depending on the value and complexity of the case which in turn will affect the experience and specialist requirements of the proposed mediators, however  we have a flexible approach and we would like to discuss your requirements and endeavour to meet your needs. The People’s Partner aim to provide the best service which is both cost effective and proportional to the dispute.  We therefore welcome contact by email or telephone and will be pleased to discuss cases and Fees.

2.    Fees

Fees do not include agreed Expenses such as mediator’s traveling costs which can be estimated at the time Fees are quoted.

The day rate is quoted inclusive of up to 4 hours preparation time.  Preparation time spent by the mediator in excess of 4 hours will be charged as detailed in the Schedule of Fees. Preparation includes reading necessary documentation and pre-mediation consultation with participants and/or their advisors.

The People’s Partner reserves the right to charge the quoted hourly rate for time spent at the mediation after the agreed time or in subsequently continuing to mediate by telephone or by attendance in person.

Where parties are represented by solicitors, invoice will be addressed to those solicitors; they must agree to accept liability for the agreed Fees and expenses.

3.    Expenses

Travel, accommodation and other similar expenses are not included in the Fees

Accommodation may be charged if the mediation continues past 10pm or where agreed with the parties before mediation.

The People’s Partner will not be responsible or liable for any venue, catering or stationery costs.  These shall be arranged by the parties.

4.    VAT

The People’s Partner is VAT exempt.

5.    Payment

Our terms are that the invoice is paid in good time at least 7 working days before the date of mediation.

A final balancing invoice or credit note, if applicable, will be issued and become payable immediately following the mediation.

Interest will be chargeable on amounts overdue at 15% per annum.

5.    Cancellation Charges

Where a cancellation or postponement is made after the mediation date has been agreed but more than 10 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and UK public holidays), ahead of the mediation date, there will be no charge.

Where cancellation occurs less than 5 working days before the mediation date, the full Fee will be due.

If the mediation is postponed and takes place on a later date, 50% of the Fee will be due, plus the full Fee for the revised date.

6.    Professional Indemnity

A copy of the current Professional Liability Insurance is available on request