Information Overload

The rise of the Internet has been great for starting and running your business. It has put most of us a on a level playing field. We have access to raise our business brand via the various social media platforms and we are inundated with requests to join newsletters to get access to the latest cutting edge of information.

However, sometimes, we can experience information overload. There’s so much of it available, to share, to decipher what we need, what we should keep, what we should read and what we should discard.

Every budding entrepreneur or new business owner wants access to the right information to help grow their business but what happens when there’s just too much? How do we split hairs?

My tips

  • Be incredibly clear on what you really want
  • Only use tried and tested resources
  • Speak to similar sized companies
  • Don’t try to be the Jack of all trades

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