Cyberwar is the battlefield of NOW!


The recent news of the NHS cyber attack has targeted around 40 Trusts and has affected around 45,000 computer systems worldwide. Many organisations are reviewing their current set up as a matter of precaution. Rightfully so!

Cyber crime can be detrimental to businesses and having done some work for an organisation that experienced an attack last year with Ransomware, I saw the affects first hand. Due to the loss of business and impact on the bottom line, this organisation was forced to pay for the right protection and change their working practices completely.

Here are a few suggestions to protect your business from Ransomware

  1. Re-evaluate permissions on shared network drives regularly to prevent the spreading of ransomware to mapped and unmapped drives.
  2. Limit access to your data and file system to those with a business need to use them only.
  3. Have a secure back-up of files on machines that are not at risk of ransomware.
  4. Invest in a reputable and trusted IT company who specialise in cyber security.

Businesses need to take proactive measures to combat Ransomware or any other type of cyber attack and thankfully (and right on time), I have organised a free event on 25th May where Go Live UK, experts in cyber security will be talking about cyber security and how attacks actually occur. You’ll be very surprised to know what their research over the years has proven.. and it’s not what you think. By the end of the event, you will have the information you need to implement a more secure and robust method to minimise the risk of these attacks happening in your businesses.

The details: Free Business breakfast – 25th May at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London at 9.30am.

Please register your interest down below and get free, informative and up to date advice on how you can help protect your business from cyber attack!

Hope to see you there!

Michelle Raymond, The People’s Partner

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