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Career Hotspot

  • Are you looking for your first job and need direction on what types of jobs you can apply to?
  • Have you been in your job for so long and feel unemployable?
  • Do you feel confused and don’t know where to start?
  • Or maybe you want to change careers but not sure how to make the first step?

TPP’s Career Hotspot will support you to clarify your ideas. We run two types of workshops

depending on your needs. Workshop 1 – ‘Next Stop Job’ is for students who want to know

what skills they have and what jobs are out there. The workshop goes through a thorough

skills analysis, career mapping, resourcing and job searches.

Our second workshop ‘Career hub’ is for men and women who want to have a career but

feel like they are in dead end jobs. They are often individuals who have gone as far as they

can in their current roles, want to change careers or are out of work. We will help you take

stock of where you are now, and what you can do next through mind mapping, skills matrix,

confidence coaching and empowerment.

What will I gain from the workshop?

The aim of the Career Hotspot workshops are for individuals to leave with a clearer idea

about what you really want from your working life. We have qualified career coaches who

will guide you as you think through these areas:

  • What’s getting in your way (practically or emotionally) of taking your next career step?
  • What can you do to overcome these barriers?
  • What skills and experience can you offer employers?
  • When are you ‘at your best’ at work?
  • How can you make yourself more employable?
  • How can you add to your experiences?
  • How to keep yourself energised and motivated.

What will the workshop be like?

Our workshops are friendly, supportive and free from judgement

Men and women usually have different experiences and we don't separate the two genders

because we feel that people learn from different experiences in the room.

The Career Hubspot workshops are interactive session with activities and exercises to help

you think in a fresh way about the issues you face.

Maximum of 15 participants – a small enough group for everyone to get some individual


The CV Station

  • Does your CV need updating?
  • Are you applying for lots of jobs and getting nowhere?
  • Maybe you’re changing career direction, and need help with how to position your past experience?
  • Do you want to know how sell your skills and match them to what the employer is looking for?
  • What will I gain from the workshop?

At the CV station you will leave knowing how to create a winning CV. You’ll understand the

importance of formatting and know what to put in your personal statement. The workshop

will guide you through these areas:

  • What style of CV best suits your career history (we’ll supply alternative formats)
  • How to decode job adverts to identify what employers are looking for
  • How to use language that will convince employers you have the skills they need
  • How to target your CV for each job you apply for
  • Skills mapping for evidence based CVs

What will the workshop be like?

The workshop will be friendly and supportive and will get you to think widely about all your

skills and experience and how these can be best used in your CV.


The Interview hub

  • Are you going for your first interview?
  • Maybe you’ve had several interviews recently, but nothing has come of them
  • Do you suffer from a lack of confidence and can’t get your point across?

The interview hub is the place to be to gain the confidence you need to smash your next

interview. The three-hour session will take you through your paces including interview

techniques, types of questions to ask and not to ask and we’ll even do scenario role playing.

You’ll feel far more confident about facing your next interview.  And you’ll brush up your

technique, practising how to get your skills across.

What will I gain from the workshop?

You’ll learn about the different interview styles used by employers, how to build rapport,

and how to show answers questions using the CAR method

The Interview Hub workshop will cover these areas:

  • Different interview styles used by employers, and how to handle them
  • Brainstorming questions you’re likely to be asked
  • How to answer questions in a way that provides ‘evidence’ that you can do the job
  • Tips on presenting yourself well
  • Suitable questions for you to ask the interviewer
  • How and when to follow-up after your interview
  • What not to wear
  • What not to say

What will the workshop be like?

This is a highly interactive workshops including role plays, Q&A sessions and practical exercises.

A maximum of 15 participants only – a small enough group for everyone to get individual support.


The workshops are very flexible and usually take place in and around the London area.

Further information

If you have any questions about any of the above workshops, Career Hotspot, The CV

Station or The Interview Hub, email or call Michelle on

07956 417 479