Brace Yourself for Easter Holiday Mayhem

Yes it’s true, your employees may be able to take 18 consecutive days off work but only use 9 day’s holiday allowance.

 So brace yourself for Easter holiday mayhem if your company is not ready due to the way the bank holiday falls in 2017, an employee that works the normal Monday to Friday can request more than two weeks off leave.

Here’s the maths:

  • 14th April (Good Friday)

  • 17th April (Easter Monday) and 1 May (May day) are all bank holidays in the UK.

  • By taking annual leave in between those dates which are 18-21st and 24-28th April, an employee can net 18 consecutive days off!!


That’s crazy, right? Especially if you are a small employer. I know that getting staff cover is both expensive and can be a bit of a nightmare. So what can you do?

1. Treat requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Holiday requests for this time is going to be in popular demand.

2.  Determine how many people your business can afford to have off. Bear in mind those who are already off on sick or maternity leave or any other type of leave.

3. If one or more employees request to have the same time off, you are within your right to say no.

4. It’s always best practice however to give an explanation why you have rejected a holiday request. Make sure this is in writing.

5. Create a working culture that encourages fairness and equity at all times so when incidents such as this occur, your response is part of the custom and practice of the organization.

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