10 ways to become a manager that engages their workforce

The “invisible workforce” – they do their job and do it well, but may well be slightly disengaged putting them at higher risk of leaving your organisation to join your competition. Learn how to keep your top talent with these 10 easy steps.

  1. Allow employees to consider their own personal values, satisfaction/motivators
    – ‘What brings them to the office every day?’
  1. Then bring alignment with these to the Job – simple changes can make a huge difference to performance.
  1. Give clarity of purpose ‘what am I here to do and does my contribution add value to the business’.
  1. Provide a framework for dialogue, discussion and action between employees
    and their managers, not just at the annual appraisals.
  1. Explore the talents and skills of your employees and use them more effectively and provide challenging tasks to keep them on their feet.
  1. Individualise performance priorities and objectives that matter to the employee
    and are in line with the organisation/teams goals and hopefully personal career objectives.
  1. Continually re-focus and develop your talent as the organisation’s strategy changes.
  1. Encourage the ‘Career’ discussion, what does the next step look like?
    – Because if you are not having the conversation your talent will be with someone else!
  1. Learn what is important to your employees and coach them to succeed.
  1. Use low key, cost effective team engagement activities. How about popcorn Friday or Fruit Friday? This will show your staff that you have a humane side
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